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We offer abroad range of tax services performed by our highly skilled and experienced professionals
that strive to exceed all of our client’s expectation.

Our Service

Monthly & Annual Tax Return

We help clients prepare and submit monthly returns of employee income tax, monthly VAT, and withholding taxes. Moreover, we provide services for annual corporate tax returns and annual individual income tax returns that are timely and accurate.

Assistance in Tax Audit, Objection & Appeal

We assist and represent clients in dealing with audits conducted by tax authorities and subsequent objections and appeals against tax assessments. Our tax professionals will provide practical strategies for such actions, including filing all necessary documents and facts to support our reliable and valid arguments for the defense.

Comprehensive Tax Review

This service ensures that clients have continuously complied with tax provisions. We will review the client’s financial records and related documents to identify improper tax treatments that might give rise to any tax penalties and potential tax burdens. This service will come up with excellent suggestions and recommendations for the solution.

Tax Planning

We provide tax planning and design that meet clients’ business needs. We help clients optimize tax benefits of mergers & acquisitions, restructurings, direct/indirect capital investment (domestic/offshore), and financing arrangements. We always help our clients in achieving their goals in a way that will legally minimize their tax liability and get tax benefits without having to evade and break tax laws.

Day to Day Tax Advisory Services

We serve clients daily in correspondence and verbal communication, including meetings, telephone conversations, fax, and email for any general and specific tax cases at any time of the client’s request. Besides, we will update clients through email or fax on any new tax regulations, particularly for such rules that will directly impact clients’ tax obligations.

International Tax Services

We are experts in dealing with international taxation issues such as transfer pricing, taxation of expatriates, joint venture and overseas joint operation projects, taxation of foreign-source income, application of tax treaties, international tax planning, and other issues on taxation of cross-border transactions.

Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc)

We assist clients in preparing TP Documentation in Master File, Local File, and Country by Country Reporting (if necessary required) under the Minister of Finance Regulation Number 213/PMK.03/2016. The engagement will include:

  • The analyses of independent and related-party transactions, analysis of functions, risks, and assets based on situations and conditions applicable for the respect Tax Year, as well as the comparability analysis to the previous years
  • A benchmarking study and discussion with the Company regarding the most appropriate comparable to use for the transfer pricing analysis
  • Proper financial analysis of the profitability derived by the Company during the respect Tax Year and analyze non-financial events/facts that influence the Company’s price setting or level of profitability
  • Perform an analysis to seek and test the Company’s profitability against the benchmark result obtained
  • Analyses a particular factor that had significant impacts on the Company’s profitability;

Tax Administration

We help clients with the registration and revocation of Tax Identification Number (NPWP), the application for a tax clearance certificate, and other tax administration matters.

Tax Training, Workshop, Seminar & Research

This service includes in-house tax training and workshops to improve participants’ skills and knowledge in domestic and international taxation. We provide general training for all kinds of taxes and specific tax topics for particular industries based on clients’ needs.
We also offer seminars on current and relevant tax legislation and practice issues. In addition, we do tax research for specific purposes.

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